What You Should Do If an Airline Damages Your Luggage?



Sep 16,2023

Air travel has become an important part of our lives, enabling us to visit new places and maintain relationships with our loved ones. Well, travelers should also take a look at the airline luggage policies while they make online flight ticket booking. Airlines occasionally handle our luggage improperly, which results in damage and inconvenience. Lost or broken luggage bag’s wheel, torn case and broken zipper come in the category of damages. Knowing your rights and taking the proper action to address the matter is crucial if you ever find yourself in one of these situations. In this blog, we'll go through what to do if an airline damages your luggage so you can go through the process easily and be reimbursed for your losses. 

Notify the Airline about Damage

It's important to notify the airline immediately if you realize that your luggage has been damaged. You can lodge a complaint at the airport's specialized baggage service office, which is provided by the majority of airlines. Make sure you do this before leaving the airport grounds because if you wait, it can be difficult to demonstrate that the damage happened while the airline had possession of the item.

When reporting the damage, be sure to include a thorough description of the damage as well as any supporting documentation, such as pictures or videos. Keep a copy of the complaint, together with the name and contact details of the airline agent you talked with, for your records.

Know Your Rights

Learn about your rights as a passenger and the airline's luggage policy. Understand who is responsible for damaged luggage as the majority of airlines have distinct policies. In accordance with the Montreal Convention, a convention governing air travel, airlines are responsible for checked luggage damage up to a certain amount. It's crucial to study the terms and conditions that are relevant to your carrier because different airlines may have different regulations.

File a Claim

You must file a formal claim with the airline after reporting the damage. This may often be done by making a formal claim by email or through the airline's website. Do include appropriate information, such as your name, address, travel information, luggage tags, and a description of the damage.

To support your claim, include any relevant supporting documentation, such as photos, receipts, or repair estimates. Keep hard copies of any communications you have with the airline, including claim forms and any letters indicating how your claim will be handled.

Seek Compensation

Try to seek compensation for your damaged luggage. While filing the claim, the airlines escalate your issues and choose the appropriate mode of payment. A small portion of your airfare may be refunded, replacement of the broken object and the maintenance cost may be paid. If, in case the Airline Company denies to claim you have the right to get in touch with customer care and share all the necessary documents and proofs.  

Consider Travel Insurance

It’s crucial to get complete travel insurance that can compensate for your loss. This insurance encompasses baggage damages, offers financial security, and of course peace of mind.  It is important to keep an eye on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy and understand the coverage inclusion.