Why should you always print your boarding pass?



Sep 14,2023

Many travelers think that boarding pass and flight ticket is the same. But both are different documents. A boarding pass is your entry ticket to the aircraft, containing essential details like name, flight info, seat, and gate. Whereas, a flight ticket confirms your reservation, and payment, is needed for booking and check-in. In short, boarding passes for boarding and flight tickets for reservations. Well, it’s easy to disregard the significance of printing your boarding pass in the era of digitization when everything is accessible with a single click. This seemingly little piece of paper, however, is actually quite valuable and may significantly improve your trip experience. In this blog, we will know about the benefits of printing your boarding pass. 

Convenience and Time-Saving

Printing your boarding card in advance allows you to save time at the airport. You can skip lengthy check-in lines by having your boarding pass on hand and proceed directly to the security checkpoint. 

Backup in Case of Technology Failure 

However, using just digital boarding cards on smartphones or tablets can be dangerous. You may become trapped without access to your boarding pass due to technical difficulties, battery degradation, or lost internet connectivity. You can board your aircraft without any difficulties in case you have a printed copy as a backup.

Smooth Transitions

Printing your boarding ticket makes switching between airports or airlines easy. Having a paper boarding card provides a hassle-free transfer in the event of a connecting flight as you won't have to worry about locating a printer or any compatibility difficulties with other airline applications or systems.

Avoiding Extra Charges 

Printing your boarding card at the airport may incur extra expenses from some airlines. You may avoid these pointless fees and allocate your vacation budget more effectively by printing it beforehand.

Peace of Mind

Possessing a tangible boarding permit gives one a feeling of safety and tranquility. It takes away the concern of entirely depending on technology and guarantees that you have all the required papers close at hand. With less anxiety, you can concentrate on having fun rather than worrying about possible digital accidents.

Finally, printing your boarding permit is an easy but important step that may significantly improve your travel experience. It promotes easy transfers, saves time, serves as a backup in case of technological failure, prevents unforeseen costs, and makes a priceless keepsake. So, the next time you fly, remember to print your boarding pass and have a hassle-free trip.