Travel According to Your Vastu to Lead Immense Success



Oct 04,2022

With the upgradation of technologies, the people of the modern era have forgotten our traditional customs and rituals. But, even in the present time, the popularity of the Vastu is immense in the world. As it connects man to nature. It aids peace and harmony in the life of the people. Travelling is pivotal for many individuals to acquire peace and get relief from their daily chores and tensions. However, to make your journey smooth and enjoyable several Vastu tips are available which must be followed by everyone to make the journey easy and auspicious. Let’s know a few major travel Vastu tips in detail below.

Must Know Travel Vastu Tips for Your Auspicious Journey 

In the contemporary world, the Vastu Shastra has not been disparted from ancient times. However, the approaches have changed considering the requirement of the present day. Before you know about the specific Vastu tips do understand Disha Schooling that is the day and direction of travel. 

You must be wondering what is Disha School. Well, it displays the do’s and doesn’t i.e, avoids travelling in a particular direction on a specific day. As it believes that direction’s elements are not favourable and it might pull you back to achieve your success. Whereas, travelling in the direction of the favourable elements will lead to immense success. Essentially it is curial for individuals especially travelling for business purposes. Hence, you must wait for the perfect time and travel in the right direction. Follow the best travel Vastu tips below to lead a successful life: 

Tips No. 1: Direction and Purpose of Travelling

Meticulously choose hotel rooms, and check the appropriate direction, and the entrance of the room as per your travelling purpose to get successful results. 

  • Suppose, you are travelling with the purpose of selling the products and getting an order then, in this case, you must stay in the South Direction hotel having a North entrance. 
  • Or, travelling for equity placement and joint venture then do stay in the East part of the hotel with an entrance of West or West of South West. 
  • If your sole purpose for travelling is to meet the vendors or suppliers then do take a room in the West having East as its entrance. 
  • Financial funds and institutions stay in the  North-West direction of the hotel having a North or South-East entrance.
  • North East Direction opens a possibility for a foreign tour.
  • East of North East entrance prospects foreign tour with name and fame.
  • West to South-West entrance will shut your chances of foreign trips.
  • Sleeping in the North-West direction bedroom increases the possibility of going abroad.
  • For the purpose of education or earning money one travels abroad then balances North-West along with North by keeping a water fountain, fish aquarium, and blue colour in the north direction.

All these Vastu Shastra tips will help you to lead a successful life and career. 

Tips No. 2: Specific Dasy and Direction 

Choose your holiday packages according to these directions and travel safely with full of enjoyment. The following is the list of the days on which you must avoid heading in a particular direction:


  • On Monday avoid travelling in the North direction. 

  • On Tuesday avoid travelling in the  South-East direction. 

  • On Wednesday avoid travelling in the West direction. 

  • On Thursday avoid travelling in the North-East direction. 

  • On Friday avoid travelling in the South direction. 

  • On Saturday avoid travelling in the North-West direction. 

  • On Sunday avoid travelling in the South-West direction. 

  • The opposite of these particular days is believed to be auspicious.

  • On Sunday, Thursday, and Friday night travelling is preferable. 

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday day travelling are preferable.

Tips No. 3: Speak Positive 

Always remember the presiding deities and don’t indulge in speaking negative words to avoid obstacles in the journey. Do chant the Gayatri mantra, never use abusive language, or make fun of women, rivers, deities, fire, winds, elders, etc. 

Tips No. 4: Right Foot Out 

Take your right foot out whenever you leave for any journey. Also, donate some money if you are travelling for work purposes. You can also fee the Cow greeneries or roti. 

Tips No. 5: Things to do before leaving 

Suppose, you need to travel in a certain direction on a specific day but you can’t go in that direction due to Vastu trips. Then do the following things before leaving ;

  • If on Sunday you need to travel in the West direction then do eat porridge and ghee before you leave. 
  • If on Monday you need to travel in the East direction then do look at the mirror before you leave. 
  • If on Tuesday you need to travel in the North direction then do eat jaggery. 
  • If on Wednesday you need to travel in the North direction then once you leave home do eat coriander and sesame seeds.
  • If on Thursday you need to travel in the South direction then do eat a little curd before you leave.
  • If on Friday you need to travel in the West direction then do eat barely before you leave.
  • If on Saturday it's necessary to travel eastward then do eat a piece of ginger or black urad before leaving home. 

Tips No. 6: Take a Pause 

It might sound superstitious to you but as per the Vastu tips whenever someone sneezes, the cat leaves before you, a crow seat on the head, or someone falls in front of you then take a pause, postpone your trip for a shorter period, make a false face and then leave. As it aids to prevent accidents or other incidents. 

Following these travel Vastu tips aid you to lead a successful life and open a door to various other opportunities.