Tips and Tricks to Skip Airport Queues



Aug 14,2023

Is there anything more frustrating than extended airport security and check-in lines cutting your precious travel time? We've all been there - rushing to the airport only to get stuck waiting for an eternity to get through queues. The stress of possible delays puts a damper on the excitement of a trip. But what if there was a way to avoid those painful airport lines and breeze through security and check in instead? You can also save time by doing Online Flight Ticket Booking.

In this blog, we'll share some insider tips and tricks to skip airport queues and get to gates faster.

Arrive at Airport Before the Crowd 

The earlier you arrive at the airport, the shorter the lines will be. Most people arrive just an hour or two before their scheduled departure. Aim to get to the airport 2-3 hours before a domestic flight or 3 hours for an international one. This gives you plenty of time to check in, drop bags, and get through security with minimal waits. For example, if your flight is at 10 AM, arrive by 7-8 AM for domestic or 7-8:30 AM for international.

Mobile Check-in Made Easy 

Many airlines now offer mobile check-in where you can receive your boarding pass on your phone. Do this from home or the hotel before heading to the airport. All you'll need to do is show your phone at the bag drop and security. For example, Delta and American allow check-in 30 days before departure on their mobile app.

Prepare for Delays Flying Back 

Check flight status before your return trip and allow extra time at the airport in case of delays. Return flights are more likely to be delayed or cancelled due to weather, traffic, or other issues. For instance, build at least an extra hour or two of buffer time for your return domestic flight and 2-3 hours for international.

Prepare for Airport Security 

Know the rules like liquid limits and prohibited items. Have your ID, boarding pass, and carry-ons ready to speed through security screening. Prior to entering the security checkpoint, remember these key guidelines: Liquids, creams, and hand sanitisers, including water bottles, should be packed in containers no larger than 100ml and stowed in a transparent plastic bag, obtainable at the airport. Don't forget to extract laptops and portable electronics from your hand luggage while in line, and consume any water from containers exceeding 100ml capacity. Streamline your security experience by proactively removing coats, belts, and certain footwear like boots or high heels. Efficient preparation beforehand results in a smoother and swifter screening process

Get Your Travel Documents in Perfect Order 

Have your passport, visa, and other travel documents organized and easily accessible. For international travel, also print or save backup copies of key documents. This will save precious time at check-in if documents need to be reviewed. For instance, carry your passport in a front pocket rather than deep in your bag.

Invest in Travel Insurance to Save your Vacation 

No matter how carefully you plan, flights can get delayed or cancelled. Travel insurance provides coverage for expenses and reimbursements in these situations, protecting your vacation investment. For example, look for a policy to cover trip cancellation, interruptions, medical issues while travelling and lost baggage.

While airport security lines and check-in queues can cause stress and delays. Following some simple tips may help travellers avoid long waits. By planning ahead, signing up for TSA PreCheck or Clear, and arriving early, flyers can spend less time in lines. Using mobile check-in, bag drop services, and knowing prohibited items can also speed up the process. With a little preparation, travellers can breeze through the airport and have more time to relax before their flight. Overall, staying organized, taking advantage of programs, and arriving with plenty of time are some of the best ways to skip airport queues.