Things to Know About Flight Delay Compensation



Aug 26,2023

Have you ever been through the frustration of long hours waiting in the airport due to flight delays? But wait! What if you came to know that the inconvenience and pain caused can be alleviated? Yes, it is true, that delayed flights are considered a source of stress and frustration for travellers. Sometimes, it is also evident in financial losses. But, there is a great white hope amid chaos, all you have to do is gain knowledge about your rights as a passenger. To ease your work, here we have gathered the details about the flight delay compensation. For stress-free cancellations and easy refunds, you do online flight ticket booking with Maujitrip. Let’s transform your frustration into the chance to reclaim what is your entitlement.

Flight Delay Reimbursement

In August 2019, the Ministry of Civil Aviation, India, issued a charter that depicts the traveller’s rights. The charter encompasses the flight delay reimbursement and visioned out the three different situations. 

  •  Free Meal: In case the flights with a block time of 2.5 hours or between 2.5 hours to 5 hours get delayed by over 2 hours and 3 hours then the passengers who are waiting will be offered free refreshment. 

  •  Alternative Flights or Refund of Ticket: In case of any circumstances a domestic flight gets delayed over 6 hours. Then before your original departure time, the rescheduled time will be informed. Also, it’s the duty of the airline to arrange an alternative flight at the time or envisage a refund of your ticket.

  •  Free Stay: In case the flight gets delayed by 24 hours or the flights that have departure time between 8 PM and 3 AM get delayed by more than 6 hours, then travellers are eligible to get complimentary hotel accommodations.

Claim on Flight Cancellation 

Flight Cancellation can bring disappointment and unnecessary havoc. As per the DGCA website, the following are the things you claim on flight cancellation: 

  •  Alternative Flights or Refund: You can claim an alternative flight or full refund in case the flight got cancelled and you got to know about it before 24 hours of your original departure time. 

  •  Compensation of INR7000 or INR10000: You can claim up to INR 7,000 in case the flight’s block time is 1-2 hours else INR 10, 000 for flights over 2 hours of block time.

  •  Free meals: In case you opted for alternative flights and then are waiting in the waiting room then airlines have to offer you a free meal.

Denied Flight Boarding 

In case of overbooking, flights may be denied your board. Although it's the rarest case that has ever been seen the charter does have to include the situation. 

  •  No compensation on alternative flight arrangements within an hour: For your missed flight no compensation will be provided in case an alternative flight is arranged for you within an hour. 

  • Compensation of  INR10,000: In case airlines fail to arrange an alternative flight for passengers within 24 hours of the original scheduled departure time. Then the passenger has the right to claim INR10,000. 

  • Compensation of INR20,000: In case airlines arrange an alternative flight for passengers after 24 hours of the originally scheduled departure time. Then the passenger has the right to claim INR20,000. 

Essential Points You Must Know Claim Compensation

DCGA have put their effort into framing the character and also included the essential point that the traveller must be aware of before claiming the compensation: