Know How to Deal With Missed Flights Like a Pro



Sep 04,2023

Have you ever been in a situation where your flight takes off without you? Ever felt a sinking sensation in your stomach? No matter, how early you prepare to take off for the airport, sometimes due to traffic and long queues in security may lead you to miss the flight. Agreed? But fear not! Well, we know that no one makes a flight ticket booking to miss a flight.

Here are a few essential things that you must know how to deal with missed flights like a pro:

Steps to be Taken If You are About to Miss Your Flight 

If you can intuit that you may miss your flight. The first step is to inform your airlines about it. You may either call them directly or inform them at the airline's counter at the airport. This helps the airlines to arrange alternative options for you such as allowing your entry to the other flight if there is any vacant seat/space.  Else, to save you time you can check–in online. Always travel keeping small carry-on bags that make it easier to catch the flight. 

Check for Flight Schedule Board for Later Flights with Same Airlines 

The other thing that you must add to your action plan is to check for flight schedule board for later with the same airlines. In this way, you can save money on extra pay or losing your itinerary. Well, different airlines have different policies. It is advisable to go through your airline's policies on this uncertain event. 

Looking for a Refund on Missed Flights? Understand the Flat Tier Rule 

Wondering whether you can get a refund for your missed flight? Well, usually it’s not. Here, it is crucial to understand the Flat Tier Rule of airlines that are offered by a few.  To understand it better, let’s take an example. Suppose, you are late for the flight due to an uncertain event. In that case, the airlines will ask you to pay a minimal charge and arrange a confirmed or stand-by flight for you. However, it’s quite difficult to find it on the airline’s website, but there are some who offer the same. 

Worry for Your Luggage? 

If your checked luggage has already been placed onto the aircraft and you miss a connecting flight or are delayed at security, you should check for an airline employee as soon as possible. Your luggage could be monitored by the airline and kept secure until you can pick them up.

Intentionally Missing Flights for Cheaper Deals 

Do you know? There are a few travellers who miss flights intentionally just for the sake of saving their money. These savvy travellers find flights cheaper with layovers on the desired route than the direct flight. These travellers get off at the layover city and skip the other part of the journey. However, in case you caught. The airlines cancelled the rest of the journey and even your return tickets were cancelled. Moreover, you won’t be earning any airline miles. So one should avoid doing this.