How to Earn and Redeem Airline Miles



Sep 07,2023

If you are a globetrotter, then you can grab free flight tickets and also enjoy additional services free of cost such as airport lounges, priority boarding, free checked bags, and more. Wondering how it can be possible? It is possible through airline miles. Before we proceed with how to earn and redeem airline miles, let’s understand what airline Miles are.  It is commonly known as the Airline Frequent Flyer Programme. It's a loyalty program specially designed for frequent travelers. Whenever you start an online flight ticket booking you earn points referred to as airmiles that aid in reducing the airfare when you use it on your next trip. Sometimes it aids you in getting free flight tickets. Interesting isn’t it? Let’s have a brief insight on how to earn and redeem these points.


How to Earn Airline Miles?


There are various ways that aid you to earn airline miles. Here we have accumulated a few popular ways of earning it:


Earn Airline Miles through Credit Card


Co-branding airline credit cards are considered one of the popular and easiest ways of earning airline miles. Co-branding credit cards have a partnership with the airlines that envisages a sign-up/welcoming bonus points and other rewards for every dollar spent. Hence, it's essential to do research and choose the best credit card as earning bonuses vary on different cards. In many cases, some have also earned five airline miles instead of one while making direct payments for flights to airlines through credit cards.


Shopping Portals


Various airlines offer e-shopping portals that help travelers earn miles. One can earn miles on each purchase made. However, it is to be noted that if you are purchasing just for the sake of earning miles then it could backfire for you. If you don't use your credit card entirely each month and have a debt on it. The value of the travel points you are attempting to earn can be canceled out by the interest you are paying on that debt.


Earn through Flying


The primary way to earn airline miles is by flying. You will receive airline miles whenever you book your flights. Well, the number of miles you can earn is solely based on the policy of the airlines. It is pivotal for you to provide your frequent flier number whenever you start online flight ticket booking with your preferred airlines. In case you forget to add it you can request for miles after your trip.


Ways to Redeem Airline Miles


As of now, you have come to know a few easiest ways of earning airline miles now you have to know the appropriate ways to redeem it. The following is the certain way through which you can redeem your airline miles to grab free flights or additional perks:


Redeem via the AirlineProgramme


Follow the following steps to redeem the airline miles via the airline program:


  • Sign in to the loyalty program account
  • Find your flight on your preferred airline.
  • Check on the airfare in currency or points.
  • Now choose points/miles as your payment mode.


Redeem via the Credit Card Programme


To redeem miles through a credit card program, the following are a few steps that you need to follow:

  • Visit your credit card account and log in.
  • Find the rewards portal and redeem for gift cards, travel, and more. In order to use rewards for travel, you can redeem your reward through a credit card travel portal or transfer your rewards to a partner travel program.
  • Follow the prompts and choose the suitable redemption option


Know the Best Credit Card in India to Earn Air Miles


The following are a few popular credit cards in India that offer an excellent rewarding program:


Credit Card

Air Miles Rate

Accelerated Miles

SBI Air India Signature Credit Card

Earn  3 Skyward Miles

for every  Rs. 150 you spend.

On spending INR 100 on Air India tickets get 30 rewards points.

JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card

Earn 8JP Miles for every  Rs. 150 you spend.

Earn 24 JPMiles for Rs. 150 you spend booking a flight ticket on

Etihad  Guest SBI Premier Credit Card

Earn 2 Etihad Guest Miles for every Rs. 100 you spend.

 Get 6 Etihad Guest Miles on spending Rs. 100 on


Axis Bank ATLAS Credit Card

Earn 2 EDGE Miles for every Rs. 100 spent on any purchase

Get 5 EDGE Miles for every Rs. 100 spent on travel.


Standard Chartered Emirates World Credit Card

Earn 3 Skyward Miles for every Rs. 150 spent

On Emirates transactions, you get a higher reward of 6 Skyward Miles for every Rs. 150 spent.



So, do you get to grab these rewards? Then book your flight tickets with the airlines you prefer and enjoy these rewards and perks.