Goa Travel Guide



Mar 17,2023

Goa Travel Guide: Handy Tourism Guide at a Glance!


Do you want to explore the magical land of Goa? Have you already booked your domestic flight to Goa? Then here know the few indispensable things that are vital for your Goa trip. Before we plan a trip is pivotal to do some homework by searching for the destination you chose for the trip. Here, to make your work easy we have compiled the entire thing into a single page. Know about the places to visit, things to do, major tourists’ attraction, hotels, flights, and the amazing Goa tour packages at a pocket-friendly price. 


Goa– the Land of Beaches, is the smallest state of the country based on its geographical area. The state is mainly known for its endless exotic beaches, crazy nights, shimmering sun, lush green landscape, backwaters, national parks, and many others. All these attract wanderlust worldwide and thereby make the state the most visited tourist destination. Plan your Goa tour with a handy Goa travel guide to make your trip stress free. 


Enthralling Places to Visit in Goa


Have you set your mind to pay a visit to Goa? Then here know the few enthralling places to visit in Goa. Do add these places to your Goa tour packages


Goa is commonly known as the Land of beaches as it comprises around 25 beaches. The state is divided into North Goa and South Goa where North Goa has energetic beaches such as Baga beach, Calangute beach, Anjuna beach, Arambol, and many others. These beaches offer delicious Konkan cuisines along with mocktails and cocktails.  


On the other hand, South Goa offers serene beaches such as Colva, Palolem, and Galgibaga. If you need peace and seek a quiet place then it’s worth paying a visit to South Goa. Start booking your flight tickets today to land at your dream destination. 



Magnificence Redefined Churches 


Goa not only offers a loving atmosphere, and a foundation of sizzling nightlife but it also attracts people having a keen interest in knowing about its culture, history and also visiting religious spirituality. Visit the most popular and ancient church– Basilica of Bom Jesus. It is recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage site and contains the mortal remains of the famous Jesuit saint St. Francis Xavier. 


Explore the largest church of Goa Se Cathedral constructed by the Roman Catholics other popular churches are St. Cajetan, Chruch of our Lady at Mount, and so on. 



Forts Legends of Golorious Past 


Reveal the endless stories of the past through escaping the magnificent forts in Goa. Fort Aguada is the most popular built-in 1612 and consists of four-story Portuguese lighthouse and prison cells. Chapora fort, Reis Mangos Fort, Cabo de Rama Fort etc are the popular ones. Stop thinking and without any doubt book your domestic flight ticketsonline and fly to dreamy Goa.



Visit Temples 


Goa the state is a blend of beauty and spirituality. In Goa, temples are also a source of tracing history and heritage. A Goa trip is incomplete without hoping for temples. The popular temple that you can add to your Goa tour package is Mangeshi Temple– the oldest and most visited shrine in the state. The temple is devoted to Lord Mangesh, an avatar of Lord Shiva. Brahma temple, Maruti temple, Shanta Durga temple, Mahalasa Narayani temple, and so on. 



Explore Keepers of History in Museums 


Get a glimpse of the long history, land heritage, customs, and traditions in the museums. Discover the medieval past of Goa in the Archaeological Museum, know about the emergence of Christianity in the Museum of Christian Art, find more than 30 wax figures of celebrities in the Wax World Museum, and so on. 




Fall in love with the majestic waterfalls falls in Goa. Situated inside the Mollem National Park. It comprises the four-tiered waterfall structure that makes it up the tallest waterfall in India, named Dudhasagar Waterfalls– the flowing cascading of milk. From the height of 1017 feet the cascade of waterfalls down.



Fascinating Things to Do in Goa


The crowd-favourite state in India is GOA considered to be a phenomenal beach destination. Going for a Goa tour and haven’t yet planned your days? Here know the top things to do in Goa trip: 


·        Goa River Cruise 


Spend your evening on the Goan river cruise, have fun, and break the dance floor. You may have a plethora of food stalls and amazing nightlife and other entertainment programs. Remember to catch the sunset in the evening. Do add these to your Goa tour package so you don’t miss it.



·         Visit a Casino 


Experience something new and different by visiting casinos, an infinite number of casinos are located in Pan Jim city. Get indulge in the carefree and funny nights of the city, you can also purchase the casino packages that may cost you around rs 2500 per head that includes buffet dinner. Exciting isn’t it? Then stop getting confused and book your cheap flight tickets to Goa. 



·         Take a Heritage Walk 


If you love to explore new places by walking then it is for you. Talk about a long heritage walk and explore its vast history of it. Gain an authentic experience by taking a walk in the magnificent heritage, have an in-depth insight into the Goan culture, and more. The most popular heritage walk you can make is the Fontainhas heritage walk.  Well only noting down the popular things to do in Goa will not help until it doesn’t get implemented. So why waste time? Book the most affordable Goa tour packages combo with domestic flight tickets today!