Flying Mistakes to be Avoided by Passengers



Aug 22,2023

Are you a first-time flyer or someone who gets anxious about flying? Do you want to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey? If so, then you've come to the right place! Flying can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be overwhelming for some passengers. To help you make the most of your flight and avoid common mistakes, we have compiled a list of essential tips and insights. By familiarizing yourself with these flying mistakes to be avoided, you can enhance your travel experience and enjoy a worry-free journey.

So, let's dive in and discover how you can make your next flight a breeze!

Not Maintaining Proper Etiquette for Restroom Use During Flight

Do you ever find yourself in need to use the restroom during takeoff or landing, or right when you step onto the aircraft while others are trying to board? Well, here's a valuable insight from a former flight attendant who shared that it can be quite bothersome for flight attendants when passengers get up during these critical moments, as it hinders their ability to ensure everyone's safety and maintain proper seating balance. To make the flight experience smoother for everyone, it is advisable to plan your bathroom breaks during calmer periods at cruising altitudes. The flight attendant also emphasized the importance of remaining seated and buckling up when flight attendants are in their jump seats. By being mindful of these considerations, we can contribute to a more comfortable and efficient journey for all passengers and crew members.

Avoid Retrieving Overhead Bags After Arrival

Have you ever witnessed passengers hastily grabbing their bags from the overhead compartments as soon as the plane lands? It's a common sight, but it's important to avoid doing so. Standing up and removing your belongings should only be done once the plane is parked at the gate, rather than on an active taxiway. A flight attendant emphasizes the significance of following safety procedures demonstrated by the flight crew and waiting until the plane has come to a complete stop before attempting to stand up or retrieve any belongings. This simple precaution can help ensure a safe and smooth experience for everyone on board.

Not Interacting Respectfully with Flight Crew

Are you aware of the importance of treating flight crew with respect and kindness during your air travel? It is crucial to remember that flight attendants and pilots are dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey. Unfortunately, some passengers may forget this and exhibit rude or disrespectful behavior towards the flight crew. However, it is essential to understand that by treating them with courtesy and respect, you not only contribute to a pleasant atmosphere onboard but also acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

Do not Adhere to Seat Belt Instructions on Flights

The seat belt sign is there to ensure your safety, especially during unexpected turbulence. Turbulence can occur without warning, and disregarding the seat belt sign can pose a risk to both yourself and fellow passengers. In the event of sudden rough air, failing to fasten your seat belt could result in being forcefully thrown out of your seat, potentially leading to severe injuries. It is crucial to pay attention to the seat belt sign and keep it fastened at all times, as it plays a vital role in safeguarding your well-being during the flight.

Denied to Coordinate with Food Trolleys During Meals

A few former flight attendants highlighted one of the most common mistakes made by passengers that can be bothersome for flight attendants. They mentioned that one of the worst mistakes passengers make is attempting to pass the food trolleys during meal service. The trolleys are quite heavy to manoeuvre, and considering the large number of passengers to be served, there is limited time available. Moreover, the aisle space is often narrow, making it uncomfortable for the crew to have passengers standing behind them and waiting to pass.

Be Mindful Placement of Personal Items, Including Shoes

Is it a common practice to remove your shoes and place them in the aisle while flying? Flight attendant strongly advises against this, as it poses a safety hazard to everyone on board who may trip over them. Instead, passengers should place their shoes under the seat in front of them. Additionally, it is important to note that going barefoot on a plane, especially in the lavatory, is unhygienic. So, let's keep these considerations in mind and ensure a safe and clean flying experience for everyone.

Forget to Maintain Cleanliness for the Next Passenger

It is important for passengers to be mindful of their actions when using the lavatory on a plane. Have you ever encountered an untidy and unclean bathroom while flying? Unfortunately, many people neglect to maintain cleanliness, resulting in unpleasant conditions. To avoid such situations, it is crucial for passengers to take a moment to clean up after themselves. As advised by experts, passengers should wipe off the toilet seat and basin, and dispose of paper towels in the provided trash container. Additionally, it is advisable to always wear shoes in the lavatory, considering the possibility of liquids on the floor. By following these practices, we can collectively contribute to a cleaner and more hygienic flying experience.

Drinking Tap Water

An important tip for air travelers is to opt for beverages that come in sealed cans or bottles while onboard. Aeroplan water tanks are often not adequately cleaned, which can lead to unhygienic conditions. As a result, drinking tap water from the lavatories or consuming coffee and hot tea made with water from these tanks should be avoided. By being mindful of this advice, passengers can prioritize their health and well-being during their flights.

Being aware of common flying mistakes and taking proactive measures can greatly enhance your travel experience as a passenger. By avoiding these pitfalls, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable journey. Remember, preparation is key, so take the time to research and familiarize yourself with airline policies and procedures. By implementing these tips and insights, you can navigate the skies with confidence and make the most of your time in the air.