All you need to know about Turbulence



Sep 01,2023

Do sudden jolts make you feel anxious? When anyone makes an online flight ticket booking, the very first thought that comes into mind is about a safe flight ride. No one wants to face turbulence during the journey. Numerous passengers feel uneasy and intrigued due to some unforeseen forces, commonly referred to as Turbulence. It leads to sparking varied emotions and questions among travelers. You must have also heard the pilots talking about the rough air. Let’s understand what exactly it is. Put your mind at ease and let’s dive into the realm of turbulence. 

Main Causes of Turbulence 

You must be wondering about what causes turbulence. Well, we know airplanes travel in the current of the winds to ensure passengers a smooth and comfortable journey. However, there are times when this peace transforms into a turbulent experience, just like the occurrence of ripples in the restless river. Here is the time when the airplane descends, ascends, or pendulates due to air fluctuation called turbulence eddies. The primary reason behind these fluctuations is thermal disturbance (when the cooler air suppresses the warmer air), mechanical interference (due to man-made structure or natural barrier like mountains that obstacles the airflow), and shear forces. 

Is Turbulence Dangerous? Do we need to be worried? 

With the advent of technology, everything is getting upgraded as per need and requirement. So is the case with airplanes. With constant turbulence occurring now the airplanes are designed to handle it very well. Turbulence may scare you but relax, the plane won’t crash. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable but the aircraft is built in a way to face all the challenges. 

Well, with the help of radar, the pilot received the weather report timely. They make themselves prepare for the coming turbulence. They slow down the speed of the plane which can easily manage turbulence.  Also, ask the passenger to sit down and buckle up. 

However, the most challenging turbulence is the clear-air turbulence. It occurs suddenly in the daytime without giving any warning. It is considered to be dangerous as pilots don’t get enough time for preparation or to make announcements. 

Tips to Stay Safe During Turbulence 

The following are a few tips that you must follow to stay safe during turbulence. 

  • Wear a Seatbelt: It is essential to keep your seat belt fastened during turbulence. Injuries from turbulence were mainly caused by the ones who weren’t wearing seat belts.  

  • Stay in Your Seat: It is advised to stay calmly in your seat and avoid walking. 

  • Listen to the Crew: At the time of turbulence, you must listen to the crew who acts as your safeguard. When the seatbelt lights get turned on, understand that you need to buckle up. This is done to ensure your safety, especially at the time of clear-air turbulence. 

Reasons Behind Increases in Turbulence 

Due to the climatic crisis, the Earth gets hotter which leads to an increase in turbulence even stronger and increases its frequency. A recent scientific report published in 2019, depicts that between 2050 and 2080 turbulence may occur three times more frequently. Looking at the matter, scientists are involved in building new computer programs and technology with lasers. These lasers help the aircraft to stay away from the invisible forces. As of now, around 787 Dreamliner planes are built with special sensors. It has the ability to predict turbulence and helps pilots to avoid it completely.