5 Steps to Get a Better Seat on a Flight



Sep 08,2023

Imagine you are on vacation, planning to board a flight within a few hours but you don’t get the comfortable seat you expected, such as a comfy seat with extra legroom and a window view. Seats with limited legroom, noisy neighbors, limited width, close to the restroom, and overhead bin space issues will make you tear your hair throughout your journey. Isn’t it? To make your journey smoother and stress-free, here we have curated 5 simple steps that aid you in getting a better seat during your online flight ticket booking

Get comfy seats on flights through these simple steps: 

Find Seat Location 

Instead of blindly booking online flight tickets, knowing your comfort zone is pivotal. However, it takes work to find the perfect seat on a plane. Most of the passengers like to take a window seat so that they can enjoy the view. In case you have frequent stopovers then choosing the front seat may be beneficial. It allows you to get off the plane faster. 

Prepare a List of Seating Need

Once you are done with deciding the seating location. Now it is time to sneak a peek at the features you need for seating. Such as legroom, choosing the bulkhead seat offers you a comfortable journey. Also, check for the recliner seat that allows you to sleep during the flight. You can also add aisle and width in your prepared list and choose the most appropriate while booking. 

Check Seat Guidance Apps 

There are many apps or portals that envisage guidance on your seat selection. It not only showcases the seat map of your chosen airlines but also shows you the review of seats. The reviews of the seat are usually shown in the form of three different colors indicating mixed, good, and bad. So, instead of shooting in the dark, research it properly to make your journey worth paying. 

Free Seat Selection using a Credit Card 

Next, you can choose a seat for free by using your special status or credit card. Check to see whether you can select your seat without paying an additional fee after deciding where you want to sit and consult the seat guidance app for suggestions. Check to see whether you have any elite status with the airline or a credit card that is associated with it. These things could enable you to board the aircraft more quickly and perhaps select your seat for free.

Book Seat in Advance 

Many airlines offer you seat selection if you book it in advance. Well, the extra charges vary from airline to airline. Moreover, you can also use seat maps when booking your flight tickets. It lets travelers check the layout of the plane seats so that they can select their preferred seat. In addition, you can also use airline miles or credit card reward points for a seat upgrade.

In case you can’t book your tickets with your preferred seat then you can connect with the travel agent who eases your work on online flight ticket booking. You can also book air tickets through MaujiTrip within a few clicks. It has a user-friendly interface portal that aids you to help in every single step of your booking. 

Hence, selecting a comfy seat isn’t a challenging task. Following the above-mentioned steps will it happen smoothly?