10 World’s Best Airlines That Will Leave You Stunned



Sep 05,2023

Have you planned your next trip? Are you about to start online flight ticket booking? But wait, before you complete your procedure of booking flight tickets online. Don’t you dream of experiencing something new while traveling amidst the skies? If yes, then here are ample opportunities for you. Find yourself a dream airline that leaves you stunned. In general, an airline is a company that offers air transportation services to passengers from their departure location to their destination. 

Here is the list of top 10 airlines in the world

Recently, Skytrax released the list of top airlines in the world. Skytrax is a consultancy located in London, United Kingdom. Its role is to check on airline and airport quality, customer service assessment, and performance. Well, Skytrax releases the world’s 100 best airlines but in this blog, we will have a glance at the top 10. 

#1. Singapore Airlines 

Singapore Airlines has secured 1st position in the list of top 10 airlines in the world. It is ranked not only for its first-class or rich business-class services but also for providing impeccable services in the economy cabin class too. Singapore Airlines offers the world’s best in-flight services, invests in varied fuel-efficient and modern aircraft envisages technologically advanced and comfy services. In total Singapore Airlines comprises 180 aircraft and has a network span of more than 110 destinations. It has the title “World’s Best First Class”.

#2. Qatar Airways 

Since 2019, it happens for the first time Doha-based Qatar Airways secured second place in the list of the world’s best airlines. It owns the title “World’s Best Business Class”. The airline focuses on cuisine quality, audio-video entertainment, comfort, and many others. It has over 200 aircraft and has a network span of over 150 destinations.

#3. All Nippon Airways 

Japan’s All Nippon Airways owns the title of “World’s Cleanest Airlines”. Currently, it has over 130 domestic and international routes which makes it the country’s largest airline. The airlines envisage a special way to help passengers travel in Japan and other places. They have two airports in Tokyo, Narita and Haneda. It connects to various destinations in Japan and also envisages the same day connections among places like North America, and Chinese and Asian cities.