Do you know these interesting facts about Airplanes?



Aug 25,2023

Does the marveling sight of airplanes flying through clouds amaze you? Have you ever dreamed of flying in the sky or have already experienced flying in an airplane? One can have a flight experience by doing flight ticket booking. No matter what, these interesting facts about the airplane will definitely arouse your curiosity about the plane. Here we have accumulated amazing lesser-known facts for all flying wonders.

Let’s delve into airplanes’ interesting facts: 

Airplanes are susceptible to being struck by lightning

Light striking is a common occurrence for airplanes. It's quite frequent that each airplanes must have experienced the same once in every 3,000 hours of flight. However, the condition has improved with the implementation of a few precautionary actions. Since 1967 no such cases have been found that planes are being brought down by lightning. Engineers meticulously designed the aircraft. It leads the lightning electric charge to run through its structure and despite it out. Thereby, causing no harm to the plane.